Research Agreement Form

If you have already met with a faculty mentor and have agreed to work with them for your Emerging Scholars Program research, use the link below to complete your Research Agreement Form.

IMPORTANT: Please read all directions before starting the Research Agreement Form.

It is your responsibility to complete and submit this form.  You and your faculty mentor may choose to complete it together on one computer, but ultimately you are the one who is responsible for ensuring it is completed and submitted.

Before you start the form, make sure you and your faculty mentor have discussed all of the following:

  1. Faculty Mentor Information – you should have your faculty mentor’s full name, preferred e-mail address, Department and College.
  2. Research Term – indicate the semester you will be doing the research as part of the Emerging Scholars Program.  Generally this should be the next regular term semester after you take UA 155.  If you volunteer before your EMSP research semester officially begins, DO NOT put the volunteer semester into this field.  This is used to determine when scholarships and faculty funds are issued.  Putting the wrong semester may delay these funds.
  3. Course credit and hours – you will take EITHER UA 156 OR a research/independent study course in your faculty mentor’s department.  This is up to the discretion of the faculty mentor.  You will need to know the name of the course and how many hours you will enroll in.
  4. Project Title – give a general title for the research.  If you will be working on more than one project, put “Multiple Projects” into that field.
  5. Work hours per week – how many hours you are expected to work on average every week.  If you are working flexible hours, you can estimate this number.
  6. Work location – whether you will be working in a lab space, an office, or on your own personal computer.
  7. Assigned Duties, Working Expectations, and/or Deliverables – describe your research activities and goals here.  Deliverables (like the completion of a paper, submission of an abstract, launch of software, etc.) should include an estimated deadline.
  8. Additional Notes or Expectations – this information is optional, but should include things like whether you have agreed to work for two semesters, need to take any additional training (like Human Subjects, Hazardous Materials, or Animal Subjects training), or other notes that may not fall into any of the other categories but you would like recorded.

How the Form Works

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to an external web survey.  You will fill out the information in the form, then submit the survey.  You will receive an automatic confirmation that your survey was submitted and giving you instructions in case of technical difficulties.

Your faculty mentor will receive an e-mail with the completed form, and a link and code to approve it.  Your faculty mentor should review the information, and if it is correct they can use the link and code to approve your form.

Once your form is approved, you will receive another confirmation e-mail.  The Emerging Scholars Program will receive a copy of your approved form for Program records.

Submit A Research Agreement Form

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