What Participants Say About ESP

“This semester has been a tremendous learning opportunity for me, and it has really sparked an interest in continuing research throughout my college career. I think the two most important things I will take away from this semester will be my relationship with my research mentor, Dr. Corbalan, and the confidence and foundation to continue doing research projects. Dr. Corbalan has been an amazing mentor and friend this semester, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is extremely receptive of my interests and ideas and has helped me create a project that I can feel partial ownership for. I know the two of us will continue working on the project next semester in preparation for April’s conference, and I sincerely hope to keep in contact with her throughout the rest of my college career. Additionally, participating in Emerging Scholars has allowed me to work both with a professor and independently to refine my skills of investigation and critical thinking, which I feel will be extremely helpful in anything I do in the future. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to continuing my project next semester.”

— Erin Cain
Political Science Student and 2014 Emerging Scholar

“Thank you for providing the ESP channel to me. I look forward to mentoring more students.”

— Nitin Chopra
Associate Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

“I have had the honor of mentoring 19 Emerging Scholars since the inception of the program. These students have been simply brilliant! Each student has, in her or his own way, embraced the process of scientific inquiry and contributed in significant ways to projects that investigate a diverse array of topics in the biological sciences, from the effects of environmental pollutants on behavior and physiology and sex differences in metabolic rates to habitat preferences and temperature-dependent sex determination. The Emerging Scholars program provides a unique opportunity for students in the early stages of their undergraduate careers to innovate, to dive into the primary literature, to assemble a tremendously diverse skill set (both intellectual and technical), and to participate in each and every aspect of hypothesis-driven scientific investigation. It has been a distinct pleasure to mentor such highly motivated and passionate students!”

— Ryan L. Earley
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Earley’s website

“Due to my work last year as an Emerging Scholar with Dr. Fisher in his research lab, I am listed as a co-author on the conference paper submitted by him and his graduate students I had the privilege of working under. After speaking with Dr. Fisher we have discussed the possibility of me traveling along with them to the conference where the paper is to be presented. [T]his conference … will be very valuable to me … It will offer me valuable knowledge I will be able to share with future Emerging Scholars.”

— Michael Maynard
Mechanical Engineering Student and 2013 Emerging Scholar

“Last year was my first experience with an Emerging Scholar, and I could not have been more impressed with her eagerness and intelligence. When I introduced her to data analysis and suggested a research topic on which we could collaborate, she took the ball and ran with it, performing at the level of a graduate student. The positive experience made me eager to participate in the program this next year.”

— Kathryn S. Oths
Professor, Department of Anthropology

“I really enjoyed the research conference! It was a great opportunity to practice for professional research presenting, and I will definitely be continuing in my research with Dr. Earley.”

— Abby Shelton
Biological Sciences Student and 2013 Emerging Scholar

“I’ve mentored four students in the Emerging Scholars program over the past couple years, and I’m set to have five more join me next fall. The students’ involvement in my research has been a win-win. I have appreciated their help and involvement in our projects, and they have been given the opportunity to gain hands on research experience. One student became so immersed in what we were doing that he volunteered as a participant.”

— Jonathan E. Wingo
Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Director, Exercise Physiology Laboratory